SMART Exhibiting Training Program

SMART Exhibiting is a comprehensive training program for business owners, sales and marketing managers, designers and event teams.

Regardless of your experience or role, you will benefit from Ron McDermott’s diverse knowledge and industry experience. SMART Exhibiting’s 10-point program is delivered in seminar or workshop format.
  1. Build a Business Case
  2. Exhibit With Real Purpose
  3. Meaningfully Measure Results
  4. Wise Show and Space Selection
  5. Shrewdly Select Products & Services
  6. Budget with Results in Mind
  7. Create Effective Exhibit Design
  8. Develop Exhibit Promotions that Work
  9. Make Your Exhibition Team Work
  10. Relentlessly Pursue Results

All ten SMART Exhibiting core subjects can be delivered as individual workshops. See agendas from our Design, Promotion, Metrics and Team Skills workshops.

For more information about SMART Exhibiting please contact Ron McDermott using the details provided on the contact page.