‘60 Tips’ Seminars

60 Tips in 60 Minutes is hosted by Skyline Displays Australia and exclusively presented by its author Ron McDermott. ‘60 Tips’ is fast-moving and full of industry insights.

Like other publicly listed Eye Power seminars, ‘60 Tips in 60 Minutes’ is presented free of charge. The content is specifically designed for busy exhibitors.

Learn how to:

  • set measurable worthwhile objectives
  • make better space and event choices
  • do more with less budget
  • stand out from the crowd by applying sound design principles
  • select, train and deploy your exhibition team
  • launch critical post-event sales and communication activities
  • systematically measure and manage results

Attendees receive electronic handouts.

Register for the next 60 Tips session here or to view the latest 60 Tips Q&A here. Like to talk to Ron McDermott to find out more? Simply use the details on the contact page.